Elevate Conversion Data Accuracy with Server-Side Tracking

Thryve Labs' Server-Side Tracking services empower businesses with precise data collection, ensuring accurate attribution, enhanced marketing efficiency, and the ability to maximize customer engagement for data-driven success.

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Thryve Labs empowers more than 500 eCommerce brands, agencies, and SaaS companies with data-driven insights, ensuring they make well-informed decisions that drive success.

Unlocking the Power of Server-Side Tracking with Thryve Labs

Server-side tracking, a vital method for precise conversion tracking, involves transmitting conversion events and detailed attribution data directly to ad platforms such as Facebook Ads. By bypassing traditional browser-based tracking and employing server-to-server integration like Conversions API, it effectively addresses tracking and attribution challenges. 


In an era marked by stringent privacy controls and the limitations of cookie-based tracking, server-side tracking has emerged as an indispensable tool for advertisers. Leading ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads have introduced server-side tracking APIs to augment conventional tracking techniques. 

This ensures more dependable data collection, granting ad platforms a comprehensive perspective of customer interactions. The result? Enhanced targeting precision and improved performance analysis. Trust Thryve Labs as your expert partner in mastering this critical facet of modern digital marketing.

Achieving Data Excellence with Server-Side Tracking

Enhanced Marketing ROI

Server-side tracking empowers organizations with accurate and comprehensive data, enabling optimized marketing campaigns, effective budget allocation, and higher ROI.

Enhanced Data Privacy and Compliance

Server-side tracking offers greater control over user data, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and minimizing data breach risks and unauthorized data sharing.

Reduced Third-Party Reliance

Server-side tracking lessens dependence on third-party platforms for data collection, providing organizations autonomy over data strategies and reducing vulnerability to third-party policy changes.

Improved Website Security

Server-side tracking strengthens website security by mitigating client-side vulnerabilities, lowering the risk of security breaches and data leaks.

Data Monetization Opportunities

Server-side tracking facilitates effective data monetization, allowing control over data sharing with partners and advertisers while adhering to compliance.

Minimized Data Loss and Sampling

Server-side tracking reduces data loss and the need for sampling due to client-side constraints, ensuring a more comprehensive dataset for analysis and reporting.

Custom Attribution Models

Server-side tracking enables the creation of custom attribution models, enhancing insights into the impact of various marketing touchpoints on conversions and customer journeys.

Streamlined Data Handling

Server-side tracking centralizes data collection and processing, simplifying data management and reducing complexity associated with multiple client-side tags.

Improved User Experience

Server-side tracking enhances user experiences by reducing website latency, speeding up page load times, and potentially boosting search engine rankings to attract more organic traffic.

Achievements & Credentials


Shaheer Ahmed

Shaheer helps our clients in server-side tracking, Google Cloud Platform, and GA4 implementations. With his proven track record, Shaheer collaborates closely with clients to construct technical analytics solutions, generating valuable customer insights and fostering opportunities for enhanced profitability and user experiences.

Case Studies


789ten.com leverages server-side tracking, countering iOS14, enhancing attribution and marketing efficiency.


VitaCup achieves 99% conversion accuracy, optimizing Facebook ads with Thryve Labs' server-side solutions on Shopify Plus.


SkyWatch.ai enhances digital marketing ROI with a 94% data accuracy through Tag Manager audit.


Decathlon boosts e-commerce performance, achieving 93% conversion accuracy and enriched data for targeted campaigns.


Sporter reaches 93% data accuracy in fitness retail, optimizing e-commerce analytics and ROAS.


Sporter reaches 93% data accuracy in fitness retail, optimizing e-commerce analytics and ROAS.

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Thryve Labs excelled in delivering Google Tag Manager Audit and Conversion Tracking services, dramatically boosting Speakup London's campaign performance and user engagement, which directly translated into higher enrollment rates.

Farhan Qureshi Speak Up London

Working with Thryve Labs was a pivotal move for us at Solutions M. Their expertise in Google Tag Manager implementation transformed our client's analytics, resulting in enhanced data management and insightful reporting.

Pedro Lopez Solutions M

Teaming up with Thryve Labs for white-label web analytics services was a game-changer for our e-commerce clients at BeUniqueness Ltd. Their technical analytics expertise brought invaluable insights and improvements to our digital strategies.

Mohamed Elhawary BeUniqueness Ltd

Thryve Labs' expertise in web analytics was instrumental for Entity X. As our subcontracting partner, they provided deep insights and sophisticated data analysis, elevating our web strategy to new heights.

Cornelius Radunz Entity X

Implementing marketing automation and data visualization from Thryve Labs revolutionized our event marketing. The streamlined processes and clear insights they provided were game-changers for our engagement strategies.

Julie Mackenzie Sundaylicious

BelgiumImo's collaboration with Thryve Labs for our single-page application tracking and advertising channels was a milestone achievement. Their expertise in Hotjar segmentation, Microsoft Clarity, Bing Ads, and HubSpot form tracking, coupled with seamless GA4 migration, significantly enhanced our digital footprint.

Matteo Graceffa BelgiumImo

For Vestd's GA4 migration, Thryve Labs was indispensable. Their technical proficiency ensured a flawless transition to GA4, unlocking advanced tracking features and deeper analytical insights for our digital strategy.

Joshua Luter Vestd

Thryve Labs' Google Tag Manager Audit and their handling of e-commerce event tracking for Grit+Tonic were technically masterful. Their meticulous approach brought clarity and precision to our data analytics, greatly enhancing our e-commerce strategy.

Simon Marshall Grit+Tonic

Bringing in Thryve Labs for server-side tagging using Google Cloud Platform was a game-changer for Spork Marketing, LLC. Their innovative approach to server-side tracking has significantly advanced our data analytics, offering us new levels of insight.

Jason Lancaster Spork Marketing, LLC

Skywatch ai's decision to enlist Thryve Labs for our Google Tag Manager dataLayer audit and repair was transformative. Their expertise in fixing our data layer resulted in a more robust and accurate tracking system, enhancing our overall data strategy.

Amir Shneider Skywatch ai


Server-side tracking involves collecting and processing user data on a server, rather than in the user's browser (client-side). The key difference is that server-side tracking offers more control, data privacy, and compliance capabilities compared to client-side tracking.

Server-side tracking provides benefits like enhanced data privacy, improved accuracy, compliance with regulations, reduced dependency on third parties, and streamlined data management. It empowers you to make more informed decisions based on reliable data

Yes, server-side tracking allows you to maintain better control over user data, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. You can intercept and manage data before it's sent to third parties, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Server-side tracking can improve website performance by reducing the load of client-side scripts. This leads to faster page load times and a better user experience, which can positively affect search engine rankings.

Server-side tracking minimizes data loss and the need for sampling caused by client-side limitations, resulting in a more comprehensive dataset for analysis and reporting.

Yes, accurate and comprehensive data from server-side tracking empowers organizations to optimize marketing campaigns, allocate budgets effectively, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

Absolutely. Server-side tracking offers flexibility in data collection methods, allowing you to tailor your data strategy to evolving requirements and remain agile in a dynamic digital landscape.

Yes, server-side tracking facilitates more seamless cross-device tracking by centralizing data on a server, enabling organizations to recognize users across different devices more accurately.

Server-side tracking enhances website security by reducing client-side vulnerabilities, minimizing the risk of security breaches and data leaks.

Yes, server-side tracking can complement existing analytics tools. It provides a way to collect and process data before sending it to analytics platforms, ensuring data accuracy and compliance while working in harmony with your existing setup.


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