94% Data Accuracy Achieved: SkyWatch.ai’s Tag Manager and Data Layer Audit Success

Client Overview: SkyWatch

SkyWatch.ai, a leader in aviation insurance, is renowned for its innovative approach to providing tailor-made insurance products. As part of VOOM, a notable InsurTech company, they offer a range of solutions, including Drone Insurance, Aircraft Renters Insurance, and Aircraft Owners Insurance. Their commitment to revolutionizing insurance for the mobility sector is underpinned by VOOM CORE, a cutting-edge technology system designed to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Challenges and Goals

SkyWatch.ai encountered challenges that were impacting their digital marketing efficiency and ROI.

  • Complex Digital Marketing Data: They struggled with the intricate data from various digital marketing tools, which made it challenging to derive clear insights.
  • Unclear ROI: Determining the ROI from their digital campaigns was difficult, affecting their marketing strategy and budget decisions.
  • Need for Analytics Overhaul: Recognizing these issues, SkyWatch.ai sought our expertise in auditing and optimizing their Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics configurations.

Solution & Implementation

Our solution was comprehensive, addressing each issue with targeted strategies:

  • Detailed Google Tag Manager Audit: We conducted a thorough review of SkyWatch.ai’s GTM setup. This involved optimizing tag configurations and trigger sequences to improve data collection efficiency and reduce page load times.
  • Customized Google Analytics 4 Integration: Our focus was on tailoring their GA4 setup to accurately track key user interactions, especially around product inquiries and policy purchases. This ensured that all critical customer journey touchpoints were being captured.
  • Real-Time Testing for Data Accuracy: Using GTM’s preview mode and GA4’s real-time reporting, we conducted extensive testing. This hands-on approach was crucial for validating the accuracy of e-commerce tracking, particularly for transactions.
  • Enhanced Data Layer with Custom JavaScript: We identified a significant issue in the dataLayer related to e-commerce event tracking. To fix this, we developed a custom JavaScript function, ensuring detailed and accurate transmission of transaction data to analytics tools.


The implementation led to substantial improvements in marketing analytics and performance:

  • Tracking Accuracy Uplifted to 94%: The accuracy of tracking key metrics, especially in their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, was significantly enhanced, leading to more reliable data for campaign analysis.
  • Data-Led Refinement in Marketing Strategy: With improved data quality, SkyWatch.ai’s marketing team could make more informed, ROI-focused decisions. This led to better targeting and optimization of their marketing initiatives.
  • Clarity in Marketing ROI: The enhanced tracking and data clarity provided SkyWatch.ai with a better understanding of their marketing spend efficacy, allowing them to optimize their budget allocation and improve overall campaign performance.
  • Scalable and Future-Ready Analytics Setup: Beyond the immediate benefits, our solutions established a robust foundation for SkyWatch.ai, enabling them to leverage advanced data analytics for ongoing and future marketing strategies.

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