Sporter Achieves 93% Marketing Data Accuracy


Sporter, a key player in the MENA and GCC online retail space, faced challenges with inefficient data collection and faulty Google Analytics 4 (GA4) implementation. Our comprehensive solution involved reconfiguring GA4 from scratch and standardizing the data layer, enhancing the accuracy of e-commerce tracking. This led to a significant improvement in data integrity, achieving 93% data accuracy and enabling more effective marketing decisions and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) optimization.

Client Overview

Founded in 2012, Sporter is the premier online destination in the MENA and GCC regions for an array of health and fitness products. Catering to a diverse clientele with their multilingual platform, they offer sports supplements, vitamins, healthy foods, and sportswear. Backed by cutting-edge technology, Sporter is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of its customers, providing top-quality products at competitive prices and ensuring a first-rate shopping experience.

Challenges and Goals

Sporter faced several key challenges that hindered their digital marketing and e-commerce efficiency:

  • Inadequate Data Collection Systems: Despite a substantial monthly investment in marketing, Sporter’s existing data collection was inefficient, leading to poor visibility in campaign performance and challenges in scaling digital marketing strategies.
  • Faulty GA4 Migration and Data Integrity Issues: The initial migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was improperly executed, resulting in inaccurate data reporting. This misalignment was particularly evident in the discrepancy between e-commerce transaction reports and back-office sales data.
  • Data Layer Inconsistencies: The continued use of a Universal Analytics data layer resulted in duplication of transaction records and general data inconsistencies.

Solution & Implementation

To address these challenges, a comprehensive and strategic overhaul of Sporter’s analytics setup was undertaken:

  • GA4 Implementation from Scratch: We initiated a complete reimplementation of GA4, configuring it from the ground up. This involved setting up a new data layer that was accurately aligned with Sporter’s e-commerce CMS, Magento.
  • Correct Data Layer Integration: Collaborating closely with Sporter’s development team, we deployed a correctly structured GA4 data layer. This included ensuring that all key e-commerce actions, such as product views, add-to-cart events, and purchases, were accurately tracked and reported.
  • Standardization and Removal of Duplicate Layers: To streamline data flow, we removed all redundant data layers and established one standardized, efficient data layer across the platform.
  • Enhanced Micro-Event Tracking: Recognizing the importance of detailed user engagement data in a cookieless future, we implemented advanced tracking for internal promotions and other micro-events. These included tracking user interactions such as ‘Select Promotions,’ ‘View Promotion,’ and ‘Select Item,’ providing deeper insights into customer behavior.


The implementation of these solutions significantly enhanced Sporter’s e-commerce analytics and marketing decision-making:

  • Achieved 93% Data Accuracy: The meticulous setup of GA4 and the new data layer greatly improved the accuracy of data collection, achieving a 93% match with Sporter’s Business Intelligence data.
  • Reliable E-commerce Transaction Tracking: The revamped analytics setup allowed for accurate and reliable tracking of e-commerce transactions, providing a clear and consistent view of sales performance.
  • Data-Driven ROAS Optimization: With the enhanced data accuracy, Sporter was now better equipped to analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns, significantly improving the efficiency of their advertising spend.

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