Enhancing Facebook Ad Conversions on Shopify Plus: Achieving 99% Conversion Accuracy with Server-Side Tracking


Client Overview

VitaCup, established with a vision to seamlessly integrate convenience, quality, and delightful taste into daily routines, embarked on a mission to revolutionize wellness. Founded in 2017 by Brandon Fishman, who, upon discovering health issues due to vitamin deficiencies, conceptualized a unique solution. The idea stemmed from the realization that combining coffee with essential vitamins and superfoods eradicated the forgetfulness of daily vitamin intake. 

Five years down the line, VitaCup has expanded its repertoire beyond vitamin-infused coffee to include an assortment of specialty lattes, teas, creamers, green powders, and an unwavering commitment to convenience and premium quality. Committed to fostering healthy habits, VitaCup stands as an industry-leading beverage brand, blending wellness with everyday indulgence.



Client’s E-commerce Platform:

Shopify Plus


Challenge Faced by VitaCup

Despite its prominence in the market as a six-figure online store, VitaCup encountered challenges in optimizing Facebook ad campaigns and attributing accurate results. The substantial portion of its audience using iOS devices led to ad attribution losses owing to the iOS 14 Intelligent Tracking Prevention measures.


Proposed Solutions by Thryve Labs

To address VitaCup’s predicament, Thryve Labs proposed a multifaceted solution leveraging innovative tools:

  • Facebook Conversion API Implementation: Implementing a redundant Pixel setup for both client and server-side using Elevar to enhance attribution accuracy and optimize ad campaigns on Facebook.
  • Server-Side Tracking for GA4 and TikTok via Elevar: Utilizing Elevar to implement server-side tracking, collecting valuable first-party data for GA4 and TikTok platforms.


Leveraging Elevar’s Capabilities

Elevar, renowned for connecting Shopify stores with over 40 marketing tools, played a pivotal role in elevating VitaCup’s marketing performance. Customers using Elevar’s server-side solutions witnessed a notable increase of 10-20% in attributed purchases across various marketing platforms, including Facebook and GA4. This integration also enriched data for email and SMS destinations like Klaviyo and Attentive, fostering more insightful user profile connections, empowering smarter platform operations, expedited consumer outreach, and fortified abandoned cart strategies.


Configuration Process

  • Provisioning Server GTM & Subdomain
  • Proxy Web Container Establishment
  • Integration of Elevar Suite
  • Facebook Pixel Setup (Client-Side)
  • Conversion API Implementation

Achieved Results

  • 99% Conversion Accuracy: Through meticulous configuration and implementation, VitaCup achieved a staggering 99% conversion accuracy, significantly improving the reliability of their attributed conversions.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection: Elevar not only enhanced performance but also facilitated effortless compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), providing VitaCup with robust data protection measures at no additional cost.
  • Enhanced Facebook Ad Performance: The implementation of Thryve Labs’ solutions through Elevar led to a remarkable 20% improvement in VitaCup’s Facebook ad performance, enabling more efficient ad spends and better ROI.

Thryve Labs’ strategic integration of Elevar’s tools and configurations transformed VitaCup’s marketing landscape, delivering unparalleled accuracy, compliance, and performance enhancements, leading to heightened efficiencies and stronger returns on their advertising investments.

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