Decathlon’s Success: Achieving 93% Conversion Accuracy & Empowering E-commerce Data Enrichment

Client Overview: Decathlon

Decathlon, a global leader in sports retail, offers an extensive array of products catering to a wide range of sports. Their online platform mirrors their commitment to quality and accessibility, providing an all-encompassing digital shopping experience for athletes and sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Challenges and Goals

The Decathlon marketing team was grappling with significant hurdles in their online marketing strategy and e-commerce performance:

  • Inaccurate Marketing Attribution: The team struggled with inconsistent data on ad platforms, making it challenging to attribute marketing success accurately. This lack of clarity was impacting their ability to effectively allocate advertising spend and assess the ROI of their marketing efforts.
  • Flawed E-commerce Tracking: Critical gaps in their e-commerce tracking were evident, particularly in Google Analytics. The system was incorrectly transmitting order purchase values, leading to skewed data and misrepresentation of sales performance.
  • Impaired Campaign Analysis: Due to these discrepancies in data, analyzing the performance of their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns became increasingly complex and unreliable. The marketing team faced difficulties in optimizing campaigns and understanding the customer journey, hindering their ability to execute targeted marketing strategies.


Our comprehensive approach aimed to rectify these issues and streamline Decathlon’s marketing data:

  • Rectifying Marketing Data Activation: We first tackled the problem at its core by addressing the incorrect parsing of purchase values to ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. Our team meticulously adjusted the data layer to accurately pick the right value of orders, excluding VAT. This correction was crucial for reporting the correct metrics and calculating the ROAS effectively.
  • Optimizing ‘Add to Cart’ Event Tracking: A key component of our solution was to refine the tracking of the ‘add to cart’ event. By enhancing this data collection, we enabled Decathlon to implement more targeted and effective remarketing campaigns. This involved leveraging Google Tag Manager to ensure accurate event tracking and data transmission to Google Analytics.


The implementation of these solutions led to substantial improvements in Decathlon’s digital marketing analytics:

  • Boosted Conversion Tracking Accuracy: Our interventions successfully enhanced the conversion tracking accuracy for Google Ads to an impressive 93%. This improvement provided Decathlon with a more reliable foundation for assessing and optimizing their advertising strategies.
  • Enriched Retargeting Campaign Data: By adding crucial missing data points in the e-commerce journey, we significantly expanded the dataset available for Decathlon’s retargeting campaigns. This expansion allowed for a more nuanced understanding of customer interactions, thereby increasing the effectiveness and relevance of their remarketing efforts.

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