From $9,000 Ad Spend to $1 Million in Sales Pipeline and Beyond: Ebryx Tech’s Journey to Securing High-Value Software Development Contracts in 10 Months!


Ebryx Tech, a custom software development company with a strong focus on cybersecurity, embarked on a digital marketing journey with the goal of establishing a sustainable revenue generation engine. Despite its longstanding presence in the industry, Ebryx Tech faced significant challenges in differentiating itself and leveraging its online presence effectively. With minimal digital marketing initiatives in place, the company relied heavily on referrals for lead generation, highlighting the critical need for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


  • Establish a revenue pipeline of $1 million within a timeframe of 10 months.
  • Enhance online visibility and attract potential clients through targeted digital marketing efforts.
  • Differentiate Ebryx Tech in the competitive landscape of custom software development and cybersecurity services industry.


Thryve Labs partnered with Ebryx Tech to address their marketing challenges and achieve their revenue gaols. The following solutions were implemented:

  • Profile Enhancement on Clutch: Thryve Labs enhanced Ebryx Tech’s profile on Clutch, a prominent B2B platform, by adding detailed reviews, showcasing the company’s extensive portfolio, and highlighting industry recognitions to strengthen credibility and visibility.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Thryve Labs implemented CRO tactics on Ebryx Tech’s website, resulting in a 50% increase in conversion rate, thereby improving lead generation efficiency.

  • Strategic Catalog Placement: Thryve Labs conducted extensive research to identify and prioritize catalog placements on Clutch that aligned with Ebryx Tech’s service offerings and target audience. This strategic approach helped rank Ebryx Tech in key categories such as Custom Software Development, Cybersecurity, Mobile App Development, and Web App Development, enhancing visibility and lead generation opportunities.

  • Media Buying Initiatives: Thryve Labs executed media buying campaigns on Clutch’s local and international catalogs, focusing on developers, Node.js, and artificial intelligence categories. This targeted approach helped capture demand for Ebryx Tech’s services and drive qualified traffic to their website.

  • Lead Nurturing Strategy: Thryve Labs developed a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy for Ebryx Tech, incorporating conversion rate optimization for landing pages, marketing automation, and active chat widget monitoring to engage and convert website visitors into qualified leads.

  • Data-Driven Optimization: Thryve Labs leveraged data analytics tools such as GA4 and Microsoft Clarity to continuously monitor campaign performance, gather quantitative and qualitative insights, and optimize digital marketing efforts to improve ROI and drive business growth.


  • Ebryx Tech achieved its qualified sales pipeline worth of $1 million within the designated 10-month timeframe.

  • The implementation of comprehensive profile enhancement, conversion rate optimization, and strategic catalog placement resulted in increased online visibility and lead generation opportunities.

  • Media buying initiatives on Clutch’s catalogs contributed to capturing demand for Ebryx Tech’s services and driving qualified traffic to their website.

  • The lead nurturing strategy facilitated engagement with website visitors and conversion into qualified leads, thereby enhancing overall lead generation efficiency.

  • Data-driven optimization efforts led to continuous improvement in campaign performance, resulting in improved ROI and business growth for Ebryx Tech.

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